Weird Faces Vending Machine(2013) by Matthias Dörfelt

Face Generator


Build a simple generator that makes multiple variations of the same face.


In parameterized design, you are a conductor rather than an individual musician. Instead of producing a single design where you have to draw out all the details step by step, you are using code to create a set of parameters that generate a variety of results.

For Assignment 2, you will create a face generator using customized variables and the random() function. Plug the maximum / minimum values into the random() for each feature. The face generator will create multiple variations of the face through mouse or keyboard iteractions. Test, iterate, and refine the parameters by paying great attention to details.

This is an individual assignment. You are welcome to ideate and brainstorm with your peers, but the work you submit should be your own.

Design Constraint

Canvas Size: 400 x 400px


Part 1 : Due 9/10

  1. Start by sketching on this 400 * 400 px grid template. You can use Photoshop, Preview, or any computer drawing software of your choice to create your mockups. Alternatively you can also draw on a piece of paper if that's preferred.
  2. Draw two faces – the first drawing should depict the face at its maximum scale, and the second drawing should depict the face at its minimum scale. Once you have an idea of how your face would look like at its maximum / minimum scale, you should be able to use the range in between to create variations of the form. Here's an example by Nicky Du.

Part 2: Due 9/14

  1. Transfer your drawings into the p5 sketch. Plug the maximum / minimum values into random() for each of the attributes.
  2. Make sure that you include the following technical components in your sketch:
    • User-defined variables
    • random()
    • mousePressed() or keyPressed()
  3. Closely observe how the attributes relate to one another in every variation, and refine the parameters until every variation feels intentional.
  4. On your CC portfolio page, please reflect upon the following:
    • Describe your design process. And include your design sketches.
    • What have you discovered about the form you've chosen through this assignment?

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your sketch to two places:

  1. Submit the sketch to the CC Lab class Canvas Assignment 2
  2. Add the sketch to your CC portfolio