Consentful Interface


Revise your Assignment #8 Experimental Camera by adding a consentful interface.


Gaining access to the user’s webcam is a sensitive topic and should be dealt with care, because capturing is a form of seeing, and seeing can either empower or disempower the user in front of the webcam (e.g. CCTV cameras hidden throughout the city and gather pedestrian's data is a bold example that invades privacy and violates consent).

For Assignment #9, you will duplicate your Experimental Camera sketch, revise the camera features as needed, then follow the F.R.I.E.S model from Consentful Tech Zine to add a consentful interface. Being able to design and code is powerful, so please put great considerations into how you’re navigating consent with your user at every step of the way. Search for clear and creative ways to disclose information to your user, and aim to communicate consent in a way that is safe, thoughtful, and full of care.

Design Constraint

Canvas Size: it should follow the same dimension as your Assignment #8.


Part 1 : Due 11/19

  1. Use the F.R.I.E.S. model as a reference to design a consentful interface for your Experimental Camera. Draw a flowchart on the computer or on a piece of paper that clearly outlines the new architecture for your camera software. Rehearse the scenarios over and over again until there are no holes left – the devil is all in the details here!
  2. Once your flowchart is completed, sketch out the visual design for your interface. You are required to use one or more of the p5 DOM elements to create your interface.

Part 2: Due 11/30

  1. You will present your flowchart and sketches in Lab, then you will revise and polish your ideas based on feedback from CC faculty and peers.
  2. Transfer your flowchart and sketch into the p5 sketch. Ask your friend(s) to try out your Experimental Camera 2.0. to make sure that you’re getting your points across.
    • On your CC portfolio page, please include the following:
    • Describe your design process. Include your flowchart and sketches.
    • A description for your consentful interface. What are you trying to accomplish?
      Your overall reflection on the assignment:
    • How does your design respond to F.R.I.E.S.?
    • How did your consentful interface recontextualized user interaction and experience?

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your sketch to two places:

  1. Submit the sketch to the CC Lab class Canvas Assignment 9
  2. Add the sketch to your Critical Computation portfolio