Exquisite Corpse


Collaboratively assemble an exquisite corpse image with two other partners and draw it in code.


Exquisite corpse is a surrealist technique where players take turns to draw a portion of a figure while not being able to see what has already been drawn by other players. The drawing gets revealed at the end, which tends to create surprising and unexpected forms and narratives.

For Assignment 3, you will first design a human or non-human figure that has a head, an upper body, and a lower body. You can choose the orientation of the figure you draw (portrait or landscape.) You will exchange different body parts with your peers during the lab session, and transfer the exquisite corpse drawing into code using functions. You are welcomed to incorporate motion, interaction, and animation into the final output.

This is a collaborative assignment. The assessment of the assignment is not dependent on the work your partner completes. Your work will be evaluated based on the code you produce and reflections you write.

Design Constraint

Canvas Size: 400 x 600 (portrait) or 600 x 400 (landscape)


Part 1 : Due 9/24

  1. Design a human or non-human figure that has a head, an upper-body, and a lower-body.
  2. Place your drawing on this template using Photoshop, Slides, or any computer drawing software of your choice. You have the option to draw in portrait or landscape orientations, just make sure that the head / upper-body / lower-body stays within the confines of the boxes.
  3. Write down a background story for your figure and be prepared to share it in CC Lab on 9/29.

Part 2: Due 9/28

  1. Exchange drawing and background story with your two partners. You should be receiving a body part from each of your partners to add to your exquisite corpse.
  2. Transfer your drawings into the p5 sketch. Be sure to include the following technical components in your sketch:
    • User-defined Functions
    • Arguments and Parameters
  3. Be sure to include the following information on your CC Portfolio Assignment #4 page:
    • Your p5 sketch (embedded iframe)
    • Your partner’s name
    • Your design process. Include the sketches and background stories you’ve received
    • A new background story you’re creating based on the collectively assembled information
    • Your assignment reflections

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your sketch to two places:

  1. Submit the sketch to the CC Lab class Canvas Assignment 4
  2. Add the sketch to your Critical Computation portfolio